(1) Quality objectives

Quality policy: Based on first-class products, to create Hisound brand; based on sincere service, to win the trust of customers; all our efforts is to leap and infinite pursuit of brand.

(2) Quality management system

Under the leadership of general manager, the quality management system, set up quality assurance department (QA), quality control department (QC). Execute quality inspection and quality supervision, management functions. Monitoring and testing and environmental conditions for quality control department is responsible for company production of raw materials, finished products, intermediates, process water. Quality management department is responsible for establishing and perfecting the system of quality supervision company, supplier evaluation, the material from raw materials procurement, storage, production process, product acceptance of release, sales, customer feedback to monitor the whole process, standardize and improve the quality management system; at the same time, through the inspection tour, the regular inspection and regular quality reports and other methods to manage the company's whole quality system, and regularly organize GMP training to update their knowledge, improve the quality of the whole concept.

(3) Certification

In 2004 the company began to implement the ISO9001 quality management system, and passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. And have passed the foreign KOSHER certification, FAMI-QS certification, HALAL certification. The company began to implement GMP standard since 2006. In May, 2013, we obtained the pharmaceutical production license, and we are currently applying for USA’S FDA certification and Chinese GMP certification.

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